Feeling overwhelmed? Google Plus opens its doors (or should I say circles) to the world, Facebook continues to make changes and updates (some of which I am not a fan but that\’s for another blog) and Twitter numbers on the rise!  Do you sit there and wonder how am I going to do all of this?  What changes are next and who will be making them?  Keeping up with the changes in Social Media is like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you just don\’t know what\’s next!  Today\’s blog is about doing LESS:

Listen!  You keep hearing the same thing over and over, Listen…always be listening!  If you aren\’t then you are missing the boat.

Engage!  Social Networking is a Dialogue, not a monologue!  Engage in the conversations, ask questions, respond!  If you are going to have a conversation, then do it!

Share!  Build the excitement and become a storyteller and share with others.  Share your stories and information, comment on Tweets, Facebook Postings and Share with everyone in your Circles.

Strategy!  Having a Social Media Strategy is key!  You have to identify what you want out of Social Media and have a plan.  Is it brand awareness, more followers, more fans, leads, sales? Define your target audience!   What are your goals and objectives and how are you going to achieve those goals?  Make sure to Monitor, Measure & Listen!  See how things are working (or not)…if it is not working then you know you have to make some changes and modifications.  As far as measurement and metrics go, make sure you use what is available.  Facebook Insights just launched a new and improved analytics and don\’t forget about Google Analytics!  This information is key to your success!

Finally, it all goes back to the ABC\’s…always be connecting!  Always be conversational!  Keep in mind, Social Media is another tool to your overall Marketing Strategy!  It should definitely be included in your plan but it should not be the only thing you do!

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Friendships don\’t happen over night, they happen over time and guess what, relationship building in social media also takes time!

Let\’s talk about Twitter!  For your information I love Twitter and have made great friends on Twitter!  Have I met those friends face to face, some yes and most no.  They are global!  The friendships I have developed on Twitter did not happen over night, they happened over time!

Time is the key word.  How much time you invest in the relationship is very important.   Let\’s talk about Twitter!  First thing in the morning send a tweet out and say Good Morning!  You will be surprised at how many people respond with a Good Morning to you.  Listen to what other people are talking about and retweet a post.  FYI people love to get their tweets retweeted! It\’s a way to get noticed and connected.  Thank everyone who mentions and retweets your posts.  Last but not least, don\’t just post a tweet and forget about it.   You would not just walk away from a conversation you started, would you?  Keep tabs on your Twitter account throughout the day, retweet, ask questions, comment and ENGAGE!

Facebook is all about sharing information!  What you share and how often you share is important for both Business and Personal Facebook Pages, remember a LIKE can also turn into an Unlike.  Keep tabs on your audience by looking at your Insights and Analytics (only available for business pages.)  You can see what\’s working and what\’s not.  There is great information Facebook is sending you so make sure to review it.

Relationship Building is just that, building a relationship.  It takes time!  Start by getting social!

Twitter: Tweet and Retweet
Facebook: LIKE, Share, Engage
Google Plus: Give it a +1 and Share with your Circles on Google+

My last thought regarding Relationship Building in Social Media is don\’t put a time on it, put time into it!

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Last week I had the pleasure of speaking in front of 83 members of The Lodging Association of the Florida Keys and Key West.  The topic was “So Much Social Media, So Little Time.” To all my friends in the Industry that attended, Thank you!

The Social Suite along with Ryan and Joe from Romanelli Communications  had a conversation in front of the Lodging Industry on Social Media in Travel and Tourism.  I was so excited to speak in front of this group as I had the pleasure of working in the industry in Sales and Marketing for a collection of Key West hotels.  For me, I was speaking in front of new and old friends and understood  how time is big factor in day to day operations.  Adding Social Media to the list of things to do can be overwhelming, especially if you don\’t understand it.  I\’ve attended many presentations where all the speakers did was talk about Social Media and tell the people attending you have to be doing it.  Nobody every told them how.  My goal was to SHARE information with them on Social Media and show them what they can be doing now to Get Social!

Some of the Quick Tips and Tools we discussed were:

1.  Google Places.  Sometimes we forget to make sure we are updated and not outdated.  It is important to make sure your Google Places information is set up with correct information, photos, videos, specials etc.  Monitor information every couple of weeks to make sure content is up to date!
2.  Set up Google Alerts- See who is talking about you and see who is talking about your competition!
3.  Facebook – Make sure to secure User Name.  You need 25 fans in order to do so.  Pet Peeve alert!  One of my biggest pet peeves in Social Media is when a business is not set up correctly on Facebook.  Please remember its about Quality and not Quantity!  Make sure your business is set up correctly on Facebook.
4.  foursquare – If you are a hotel, restaurant or business, take a minute and set up foursquare specials and allow your guests to check-in!  One bit of advice, make sure to educate the staff on what you are doing because the last thing you want is someone to walk away and write a bad review because your staff didn\’t know what was going on!
5.  Be Aware!  Be aware of who is talking about you.  Listen, Engage and Respond!  TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs!  We know people are talking in real time so take the time to listen and respond.
6.  SHARE! Remember to share local community and destination information with your friends and followers!  It\’s about the share, not the sell!  Promote others!  A perfect example of using Social Media to promote others is Via Key West uses Thursday as a day to promote their Fans!  It\’s FANtastic Thursday and if you are a fan of Via Key West on Facebook you get to promote your business!
7.  Add Social Networks to email signatures, website, e-marketing campaigns etc.
8.  Facebook & Twitter: Engage, Ask Questions, Respond to posts and remember to say thank you with a Retweet or Like.  A simple thank you will work too!
9.  Management:  Hootsuite or Tweetdeck available to help you manage multiple accounts and conversations!
10.  Be Human, Be Real! It\’s all about being social so when I say “be human” and “be real” that\’s what I mean.

I hope these tips are helpful to you.  Remember, Social Media is all about being Social!



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Today I\’ve decided to dedicate my post to Travel!  I live in beautiful Key West, Florida.  I live in paradise!  Wikipedia defines paradise as a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless.

There is not one day thParadise Via Key West at I don\’t say to myself, how beautiful and how lucky am I to live in paradise!  It\’s more than the art, history, culture, fishing, diving, snorkeling and water adventures.  It\’s the people!

If I had to define Key West it would be “A small town with a big heart”…that\’s my Key West!  Yes there are festivals and events…oh so many festivals but did you ever wonder why the festivals are so important.  It\’s about giving! It\’s about the cause! Don\’t get me wrong, all of the Key West Festivals are fun, funky and fabulous however I\’d like to go a step further and take a look behind the scenes.  For example, four upcoming Key West Festivals and Events are: Key West Brewfest, Phil Peterson\’s Key West Poker Run, Fantasy Fest and the 20th Annual Meeting of the Minds: Parrot Heads in Paradise Convention!  Bikers, Jimmy Buffet Fans, lovers of Craft Beer, and Fantasy Fest visitors we welcome you to paradise!   All of the events listed above are taking place not just for fun but for a specific cause!

I\’ve said it before and I\’ll say it again, “Key West is a small town with a big heart.”  The beauty behind the scenes is the people that live here create this special environment for you the Key West visitor.  Small businesses, restaurants and Key West Hotels and Resorts not only prepare for the guests arriving for these events but they are also supporting these not-for-profits by making contributions via sponsorships, donating rooms, donating time and making financial contributions to the organizations.  Thousands and thousands of dollars are raised each year!

So next time you visit Key West remember it\’s about the people and it\’s a small town with a big heart and take a moment and look at what charitable organization is benefiting from the festival or event you are attending!

Let me know when you plan your next Key West Vacation and Holiday!  In the meantime visit the fun, funky and fabulous artisans Via Key West!

Let\’s get Social! Give it a thumbs up, retweet, Google+1 and share with your friends!



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I love twitter! I am a fan, I tweet, retweet and yes have conversations with people all over the world!  Did it start that way, no!   When I began this Social Media journey with Twitter I too was confused, concerned and wondering how is this going to make a difference in my world.  A tweet, a retweet, a hastag, oh me oh my…a new language and 140 characters max!

Do's and Don'ts of Twitter

My first response to all of this was people have too much time on there hands, who cares what you are eating for lunch or if you are having coffee and the list goes on and on.  I love to talk so my reaction to 140 characters was no way will I be able to do that.  Guess what, people do care and it\’s about sharing information and building relationships!  Also, go write something down, edit it and try to get your message across in 140 characters.  You will be surprised to see how much information you can take out to make your message clear in less than 140 characters.

Don\’t forget Social Networking is about being Social.  Be Real! Take time to learn about Twitter and forget about the numbers and how many followers you have.  When I say “be real” please take time and share and don\’t use this forum to sell (at least don\’t do it 80% of the time as that\’s not what this is for.)

I just came across a great article on how you can make Twitter work for you.  The 8 Dos and Don\’t s of Twitter, by Maggie Hoffman.  Read it, share it, and make sure you follow the advice given.  Do you have any more do\’s and don\’ts to add to the list?  If so, please share them.



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