Better late than never the Hashtag is now coming to Facebook.  One of the questions everyone on Facebook will be asking is Do You Like?  Before answering that question I think it is only fair to explain what a hashtag is to our friends who do not know.


What is a hashtag

“A hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #.[1][2] It is a form of metadata tag. Short messages on microblogging social networking services such as,TumblrInstagramFlickr or Google+ may be tagged by putting “#” before important words, as in: #Wikipedia is an #encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
Source: Wikipedia

Looks like Wikipedia will have some updating to do and add Facebook to its description too.

What does this mean for all of us?  It is going to be a great resource for search!  So let the games begin and let me know how you plan on incorporating #hashtags into your Facebook marketing.

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Friendships don\’t happen over night, they happen over time and guess what, relationship building in social media also takes time!

Let\’s talk about Twitter!  For your information I love Twitter and have made great friends on Twitter!  Have I met those friends face to face, some yes and most no.  They are global!  The friendships I have developed on Twitter did not happen over night, they happened over time!

Time is the key word.  How much time you invest in the relationship is very important.   Let\’s talk about Twitter!  First thing in the morning send a tweet out and say Good Morning!  You will be surprised at how many people respond with a Good Morning to you.  Listen to what other people are talking about and retweet a post.  FYI people love to get their tweets retweeted! It\’s a way to get noticed and connected.  Thank everyone who mentions and retweets your posts.  Last but not least, don\’t just post a tweet and forget about it.   You would not just walk away from a conversation you started, would you?  Keep tabs on your Twitter account throughout the day, retweet, ask questions, comment and ENGAGE!

Facebook is all about sharing information!  What you share and how often you share is important for both Business and Personal Facebook Pages, remember a LIKE can also turn into an Unlike.  Keep tabs on your audience by looking at your Insights and Analytics (only available for business pages.)  You can see what\’s working and what\’s not.  There is great information Facebook is sending you so make sure to review it.

Relationship Building is just that, building a relationship.  It takes time!  Start by getting social!

Twitter: Tweet and Retweet
Facebook: LIKE, Share, Engage
Google Plus: Give it a +1 and Share with your Circles on Google+

My last thought regarding Relationship Building in Social Media is don\’t put a time on it, put time into it!

At the end of my blog I would like to invite all of my friends to visit Via Key West “Where Funky Meets Fabulous” and check out the unique Key West Gifts inspired by the place I call home, Key West, Florida!




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How well you listen and how you respond makes a difference to your success!  That is true both online and offline!

First things first!  Listen, I mean really take time to listen!  Get involved and connect with your audience .  If you are on Twitter, Listen, Retweet, and Respond.  A Retweet is key and so is thank you.  On Facebook make sure you acknowledge every person that comments on your wall and hit that LIKE button to let them know it.  It’s important to keep in contact with your audience and continue to engage in conversations.  Acknowledge, don\’t ignore!

Be human, not robotic!  Bring out your personality and ditch the automated responses!  People want to hear from you and get connected.  I recently did a presentation in front of a group of Key West Hotels and members of the Florida Keys Lodging Association.  TripAdvisor is key to this audience.  A growl and frown from some in the audience but I knew they were listening!  We discussed responding to all TripAdvisor comments.  The key to success is 100% response for this group.  My first tip to this group was don\’t just respond to the negative comments, respond to all.   It may take time but let the audience know they are being heard.

Being Robotic just doesn\’t cut it! My second tip is all about being human and responding.  Don\’t just send an automated “…thank you for your reply we appreciate your comments and management is looking into this…”  Scrolling down and seeing the same response just makes me think you didn\’t hear what I said and you really don\’t care!

Respond to All Comments!  Responding to even the good comments can make a difference!  I am pleased to share with you an email I received from one of the attendees at that seminar.   The sale was made because of listening and responding to everyone.  Below is shortened version of the email this company received:

“I wanted to let you know that I selected Old Town Trolleys  this coming weekend not only because of the very positive reviews ( but specifically because I could see in the responses to the reviews that Piper reads each one, responds to both positive and negative comments, and seems to genuinely care about the service your company provides. Kudos to her!! Please let her know that her comments are noticed and do make a difference in customers\’ selection of your company.”

Kudos to Piper and Old Town Trolleys for not only Listening but also Taking Action!  We all need to take time to listen a little bit more carefully online and offline!  That\’s it for today!  Enjoy the weekend and greetings from beautiful Key West, Florida!

Florida Keys Update  Via Key West:
Key West Fall Festivals include Key West Brewfest, Womenfest, Key West Poker Run, Fantasy Fest, Parrot Heads Meeting of the Minds, Key West World Championship Race  and more!



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Social Security is key to social success!  Today it\’s all about being secure on the social networks! Is your Facebook Account Secure?  Do you know how to tell?  I just found this out yesterday and need to share this important information with you on Facebook Browser Security.  Check your URL on Facebook.  Http: vs. Https: makes a huge difference.  One is secure and one is not and if you answered “not” then your account can be hacked.  Stop what your doing and please check it and if you are not secure then let\’s fix that right now.

Secure Your Settings!
Go to your Facebook page and follow the steps below:

1.  Go to Account
2.  Account Settings
3.  Security
4.  Secure Browsing
5.  Enable Secure Browsing
6.  SAVE and Finish

Recently I noticed a change on how Facebook was “suggesting friends for me.”  I was getting a filmstrip of photos (some of who I knew and others I did not) front and center and “in my face” on my Facebook Page.  I am not a fan of this at all.  I did go and hit the x to remove that strip but again, what was Facebook thinking.  I can pick my own friends, thank you.

I\’d like to also mention and thank Shelly Kramer for her post today Facebook Privacy Breach: 2 Settings You Need to Check Now.  The more we keep informed and Secure the better off we all will be in the future!  Take a moment to read Shelly\’s blog post on this issue as she also includes information on Mobile devices, mobile contacts and your Facebook Account.  We all want to be connected but make sure it is Secure and the connection you want! Security is key to your Social Networking Success! When I hear news you can use I\’ll make sure to share and keep you updated and not outdated.



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My daily routine includes reading up on everything Social!  This past week it was all about Google+ and rest assured it will continue to be the focus of conversation in Social Networking however, today I\’m not going to talk about Google+ .   I\’d like to shift the conversation away from Google+, Facebook and Twitter and step back and take a look at the 80/20 rule and how it applies to marketing, sales, you and your business!

Last week I came across a very interesting infographic that puts the 80/20 rule into perspective.  Sometimes it\’s a good idea to take a refresher course and really take time to understand what the 80/20 rule is all about.  Today I would like to share “Understanding The 80/20 Rule” with you.  It can help you personally and professionally!

A special thank you to Jason from ContactMe Blog for sharing a great post on the 80/20 Rule!  It\’s great information I am pleased to share!

For my fans, followers, friends – thank you for being part of my world and The Social Suite! I always want to here back from you so please share your thoughts on this post with me!





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I love twitter! I am a fan, I tweet, retweet and yes have conversations with people all over the world!  Did it start that way, no!   When I began this Social Media journey with Twitter I too was confused, concerned and wondering how is this going to make a difference in my world.  A tweet, a retweet, a hastag, oh me oh my…a new language and 140 characters max!

Do's and Don'ts of Twitter

My first response to all of this was people have too much time on there hands, who cares what you are eating for lunch or if you are having coffee and the list goes on and on.  I love to talk so my reaction to 140 characters was no way will I be able to do that.  Guess what, people do care and it\’s about sharing information and building relationships!  Also, go write something down, edit it and try to get your message across in 140 characters.  You will be surprised to see how much information you can take out to make your message clear in less than 140 characters.

Don\’t forget Social Networking is about being Social.  Be Real! Take time to learn about Twitter and forget about the numbers and how many followers you have.  When I say “be real” please take time and share and don\’t use this forum to sell (at least don\’t do it 80% of the time as that\’s not what this is for.)

I just came across a great article on how you can make Twitter work for you.  The 8 Dos and Don\’t s of Twitter, by Maggie Hoffman.  Read it, share it, and make sure you follow the advice given.  Do you have any more do\’s and don\’ts to add to the list?  If so, please share them.



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In the last couple of weeks I have had discussions with many people about Facebook and Twitter and what I have found is the lack of knowledge and lack of time is creating this barrier on jumping on board with Social Media!

Social Media is having conversations!  Whether you are on Facebook or Twitter it is about engaging.  One way streets do not do well.  You have to take the time and engage, share and be social.  Today I’m going to share information on “Learning how to use the tools” from the blog Twitter is Such a Tool by Social Media Strategist Julia Rosien.  By the way, I met Julia via Twitter @juliarosien and recommend you follow her.

Learning how to use the tools,

Just like an expert builder shows an apprentice how to use the tools before letting him use them on his own, Twitter requires some training. There are rules and best practices. If you’re venturing onto Twitter for the first time, learn how to play by the rules – and add value to your network.

  • Fill out your Twitter profile with a brief bio, link to your website and an appropriate avatar. If you want people to take you seriously, start by giving them a reason to. Not using a picture or providing a bio sends a strong signal that you’re either a spammer or ambivalent – neither is alluring.
  • Listen. No really, listen. Search businesses and influential people in your geographical area and then just listen. Learn what interests them, what gets them really excited and if there are different times of day they congregate. And listen more.
  • Follow the experts. People like Scott Stratten and Jay Baer will give you the play by play rules.
  • Download some tools to make the listening easier. TweetDeck and HootSuite will help you sort and filter the noise so you can pay attention to what matters to you.
  • Make friends. The best first-day-on-the-job advice I ever received was to be nice and make friends. Contribute to the conversations in ways that add value to people you’re following – this isn’t about selling – it’s about introducing yourself.
  • Tell people about you. A good salesperson knows the sales pitch is never a pitch, it’s a natural progression of a relationship – satisfying a need based on information shared. Understand the difference between sharing info about your company and selling.

The Social Suite was delighted to be included in this blog so make sure you read Twitter is Such a Tool and find out what we had to say!  We hope this blog was helpful to you and encourage you to share it with your friends. Also drop us a note and let us know what you think!



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We get it 24/7, that is information overload! Today we are able to give and receive information at anytime we want.  How many tweets have you sent out?  How many posts or conversations do you engage in on Facebook?  What about work, do you stop the press to check your phone to see how many messages you received?  Do you feel naked without your Smart Phone?  What if you left it home, OMG what would happen?

Five years ago or so who would have thought (besides our friends at Apple) that we would all be using our mobile phones to be the connector for us in work and play.  It\’s not the Smart Phones or mobile devices that are the problem it is how connected we are to them.  A cup of coffee at Starbucks is no longer the place to meet with friends but place to meet with friends online.  How many of you walk into a Starbucks and tables are filled with people doing work online? The water cooler conversations are not at the water cooler but they are via social networks and quick snippets of information at a time.  How many times a day are you checking your phone to see who responded to a Tweet/Message/or Facebook posting? Once again I\’m introducing you to the hyper-interactive consumer and information overload!

I have a few issues and trust me, I am one of those hyper-interactive consumers!.  I am a fan of Twitter and when my husband did his “Year in Review photos, he wrote “I lost my wife to Twitter” and it was a photo of me on my computer.  Yikes!  Of course he didn\’t lose me to Twitter but it made me think of how connected I am to the world yet disconnecting to the people in my life.  When I get up in the morning and first thing I do is turn on the coffee, then the computer and share my mornings with friends on Twitter and Facebook and read the news online and engage in conversations.  The good news is when I get up the family is sleeping so I don\’t feel as bad.  The awareness of being too connected has made me realize I too  have to disconnect.  How often do you reboot, shut down and disconnect to reconnect?

Conversations, Text Messaging and the Disconnect!
Another disconnect I have a problem with is the actual conversations or lack of that people have today.  Text messaging!  Yes, text a message or quick note to a friend/co-worker is great but if that is the only way you communicate it\’s not! Express yourself! Actually pick up the phone and speak to someone directly.  Don\’t you think laughing with someone vs. a text LOL is more engaging and allowing the other person to actually share that moment with you?  Don\’t let the technology of today disconnect you and your relationships on every level.  Laugh a little louder with someone, don\’t just LOL!

A while back I read an article on this issue and what surprised me on the disconnect was the timing.  The article talked about a couples “rule to disconnect” and their rule is to turn  off the iPhone when we they to bed.  What information do they really think they are going to lose by turning off the phone when they are sleeping?  That\’s just a little late to disconnect, don\’t you think?

I just told my husband what I was writing about and his disconnect was when he was traveling.  What I found most interesting is the fact that it was because he had to disconnect, not because he wanted to.  Having said that I must tell you he is not the Hyper-Interactive Consumer, I am!

The question I have today is how often do you completely shut down, reboot and disconnect to reconnect with yourself, your family and friends?  Have you attempted a 24 hour disconnect?  I\’m curious so please share your thoughts and remember to share, engage and connect with the most important people in your life!



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