Travel Talk Via Key West - Living in Paradise!

Today I\’ve decided to dedicate my post to Travel!  I live in beautiful Key West, Florida.  I live in paradise!  Wikipedia defines paradise as a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless.

There is not one day thParadise Via Key West at I don\’t say to myself, how beautiful and how lucky am I to live in paradise!  It\’s more than the art, history, culture, fishing, diving, snorkeling and water adventures.  It\’s the people!

If I had to define Key West it would be “A small town with a big heart”…that\’s my Key West!  Yes there are festivals and events…oh so many festivals but did you ever wonder why the festivals are so important.  It\’s about giving! It\’s about the cause! Don\’t get me wrong, all of the Key West Festivals are fun, funky and fabulous however I\’d like to go a step further and take a look behind the scenes.  For example, four upcoming Key West Festivals and Events are: Key West Brewfest, Phil Peterson\’s Key West Poker Run, Fantasy Fest and the 20th Annual Meeting of the Minds: Parrot Heads in Paradise Convention!  Bikers, Jimmy Buffet Fans, lovers of Craft Beer, and Fantasy Fest visitors we welcome you to paradise!   All of the events listed above are taking place not just for fun but for a specific cause!

I\’ve said it before and I\’ll say it again, “Key West is a small town with a big heart.”  The beauty behind the scenes is the people that live here create this special environment for you the Key West visitor.  Small businesses, restaurants and Key West Hotels and Resorts not only prepare for the guests arriving for these events but they are also supporting these not-for-profits by making contributions via sponsorships, donating rooms, donating time and making financial contributions to the organizations.  Thousands and thousands of dollars are raised each year!

So next time you visit Key West remember it\’s about the people and it\’s a small town with a big heart and take a moment and look at what charitable organization is benefiting from the festival or event you are attending!

Let me know when you plan your next Key West Vacation and Holiday!  In the meantime visit the fun, funky and fabulous artisans Via Key West!

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