Build relationships. Engage. Share. Be social. These are powerful words that mean everything in the world of Twitter, Facebook and Social Media. We immerse ourselves every day in digital and social media.

Our experience and expertise include marketing, advertising, promotions, digital and social media applications and PR. We specialize in building relationships between our clients and their customers and meeting your marketing communications goals.

How you represent yourself online and offline Now makes a big difference. Do your marketing materials reflect who you are today, or who you were yesterday?

It takes time to understand social media. You won’t “get it” overnight, but the strongest and simplest advice we offer to get you started: be social.

We look forward to conversations with you—learning about you, your brand and how we can help you Get in the Now!

About Lisa Malcom, Founder
Lisa is what some might call a “social butterfly”—she lives her life building the relationships and social connections every business needs to succeed. Social media application and management has been a natural evolution for her as the need for her clients have grown to include new media and changes in consumer habits.

Her background is in marketing, advertising and sales for hotels, as well as PR and development for businesses large and small. Lisa is also “a producer”—she excels at bringing all the necessary elements together to get the job done. Combine the two and you have the perfect resource for getting you where you need and want to be today.

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