I help good people and companies grow their businesses in a very mindful way
– and find the content your audience craves.

Storytelling Strategist, Brand Development, Visibility Consultant

I am a strategic storyteller and modern-day marketer with the passion and experience to craft, share, and spread your story and help you build the right relationships to
increase visibility and profits.

I am also a Podcast Producer and Host of Kick in the Yes Podcast.

I am a Strategic Storyteller

What is Strategic Storytelling? Glad you asked. Humans are hard-wired to take in stories. They affect our identity, how we behave, who we associate with and our purchasing decisions.  Reach the right audience with the right stories and they are more likely to engage with you.

Let’s work together to craft content your audience craves. It’s really as simple as that.

Find Your Story | Craft Your Story | Workshop Your Story

I can help you:

find your story | craft your story | workshop your story
tell your story | distribute your story | amplify your story | leverage your story

If you are talking to everyone, you are talking to no one. Let me help you figure out how to connect with your audiences creatively. My preference is working with people one-on-one. Why? Because it allows me to bring the best out in you that you don’t even know exists. And it gives us time to become creative partners. I want to help you reboot, rebrand and get your content and messaging where it needs to be.

About Lisa

Lisa is what some might call a “social butterfly”—she lives her life building the relationships and social connections every business needs to succeed. Social media application and management has been a natural evolution for her as the need for her  clients have grown to include new media and changes in consumer habits.

Her background is in marketing, advertising and sales for hotels, as well as PR and development for businesses large and small. Lisa is also “a producer”—she excels at bringing all the necessary elements together to get the job done. Combine the two and you have the perfect resource for getting you where you need and want to be today.


This show features real stories of success in life, love, and business.Are you ready to break through the barriers keeping you from moving forward with passion and purpose?

This is NO TIME to listen to naysayers or wonder if it’s even possible to let what you love be what you DO. IT’S TIME FOR A KICK IN THE YES! 

Join me, Lisa Malcom, a believer in you, as I connect you to the unstoppables — the go-getters, the change-makers and the ones who took a chance on living their best life by doing what they love.  

If you’re ready to hear real stories and  A-HA moments from everyday success stories, Kick in the Yes is the show for you.

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