Working with Lisa has fundamentally changed the way I see myself and my work. For years, I’ve been trying to bring together all of my creative and professional endeavors in a way that felt empowering and authentic. Now, there’s such a feeling of freedom and liberation—I am unbound—to do my best work at such an important point in my life and historic time for the world. We need Lisa to activate more people to be their fullest version of themselves. 

Wendy Horng Brawer

Lisa is a connector. She connects people to each other. She connects big ideas to practical strategies. She connects brand messages to the heart of the consumer, community, and customer. With Lisa, it’s not just about social networking tools: it’s about making meaningful connections with and without the tools.

A great coach to have on your team!

Berni Xiong

Here’s what happens when you work with Lisa 1:1 – What’s My Story

I am SO glad I found Lisa. Before, I was stressed not knowing how to describe myself. Lisa is constantly willing to play, working so differently than anyone else. She spent 2 hours just getting to know me which gave me the confidence she could actually distill who I am into words. She is ready to dive deep and I so appreciated her attention to detail. I had so much fun and stayed focused (never checking email). My life is so much easier now, thank you, Lisa!

Camila Arguello
Camila Arguello

Whoa nelly!  Lisa Malcom is the ultimate branding guru when it comes to zeroing in on your key value proposition – your story – and delivering it to your audience in a compelling and impactful way.   Working with Lisa has been an absolute pleasure.  She is clearly invested and committed to helping her clients shine and her passion to help you succeed is undeniable.  I am absolutely honored to have been asked to be a guest on her incredible podcast last year and have received an incredible response from my audience.   If you’re looking for a strategic marketing consultant to help you identify, refine, and showcase your product, brand, or company, don’t walk – RUN to Lisa! 

Christine Joy Luck Sarno

Holy shit. Lisa just helped me take the concept of an idea I had and helped me build it out, understand the value, the angle, the audience, the why and the bigger vision. She played with it, massaged it, word smithed it, got excited with me, honed me in. 

It was SO incredibly valuable.

I walked away feeling more confident to launch my idea and more importantly launch it knowing the unique value proposition thanks to Lisa.

Maxine CunninghamCEO, Pick My Brain

Lisa is a natural when it comes to Podcasting. I really enjoyed listening to ‘Kick in the Yes’. You can hear and feel her passion for the subjects she is talking about. She also has a great voice to listen to. I found her content so relevant to me and my business and listening to Lisa was very inspiring. I will make sure I keep coming back for more episodes. 

Alex Stearn

Lisa is an exceptional woman and professional who really cares about her clients and can bring out the best in who they are, what they stand for, and how best to take to market what they deliver most for their clientele. She has a wonderful process and a way of communicating that truly creates meaningful and prosperous results. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking to re-brand their offerings—she’s a winner!

Kevin Rafferty

My experience working with Lisa was fantastic from start to finish! Lisa took ample time to understand my background, business, and offerings and was warm, friendly and professional to deal with. I loved how she was able to weave a red thread through the different aspects of what I do and craft my message into a compelling, high-quality podcast episode I can be proud of. Lisa truly made the entire experience smooth, fun and easy!

Keltie MaguireFounder, Clarity Coach