Integration Deep Dive $2,500

You are a multi-passionate person who has many projects, many interests, and many parts to yourself. Come work with me to be truly seen, heard, and fully reflected in what we will identify as your key core messages. Together we will incorporate and integrate the truth within you, bringing clarity and focus to your business planning, messaging, and marketing outreach. The work is intensive and deep—I will push you over three 3-hour sessions—because now is the time to take stock of all that you have already created.


*Three 3-hour 1:1 intensive sessions

*One 1-hour closing session for deliverable and review

*On-demand scheduling to your pacing

*Workshop, identify, and put all the pieces of yourself together. We’ll take a deep dive and explore the core commonalities and themes within you so that you can feel integrated with all the different parts of you. We will test for authenticity and your newfound clarity will help you move forward on your business, messaging, and marketing.

*Includes 2 hours of behind the scenes creative discovery done by Lisa

**Payment plan options available.